Monday, June 06, 2011

Dreams to Reality: Rona Gallery Exhibition May 28 - June 12

 I am currently exhibiting in the group show "Dreams to Reality" at Rona Gallery in Eastbourne, Wellington (151 Muritai Road). The work will be available to view until at least June 12 - if you have any questions about times and dates please check the Rona Gallery website or call on 04 562 8062. It is a wonderful exhibition with a varied range of artists exhibiting. I feel quite honoured to be in such august company.

The opportunity to exhibit has come at the generous invitation of Richard Ponder, the Rona Gallery owner and is in part a consequence of my studio's efforts to distribute the book "WordsWork: Calligraphy and Lettering Art of Australia and New Zealand" in New Zealand (published by the Australian Society of Calligraphers at Christmas 2010). WordsWork is also for sale at the exhibition together with the piece of mine featured in it, "Pokarekare Ana".

I have 10 pieces in the exhibition, with a selection of the pieces shown below. The "Psalm 1" piece, is from a series inspired by the work of Paul Klee, and they are also landscapes based on local scenes during different seasons.

The Psalms bird series, is based more on my study of the traditional work of scribes and illuminators, but is modern in the combination of lettering used, and the inclusion of New Zealand native birds, who have entered the frame by actually sitting on, or nestling in the gilt letter, and in some way represent how I would like to picture myself within the Psalm.

Psalm 1, 2010. 22 cm X 15 cm
Graphite pencil, watercolours & Arches MBM paper
Tui, 100th Psalm, 2011, 22cm x 13cm
Raised and burnished gold, shell gold, gouache and oak gall ink on goat parchment

My fascination with New Zealand birds has been delightfully refreshed with the hatching of the first white Kiwi in captivity on May 1. Yesterday my family and I visited Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre north of Wellington just outside the township of Masterton. The photo here was taken by my daughter Georgia on her iPod Touch as we filed past. Manukura is a very delightful and special baby kiwi, who almost seemed to glow. We quietly filed past together with about 200 other visitors that day who all made the journey to see him.

"Manukura", meaning of chiefly status, a rare white Brown Kiwi, Sunday 5 June 2011

This is a brief blog to let you know about the exhibition. I hope you can make it! I also hope to have some time soon to add another fuller blog, including the results from the lightfastness testing of the Luminance coloured pencils.

Blessings Alison.


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